Today, cancer prevention day is celebrated around the world. And on this special day, I want to present you a film that I shot with my friends in memory of my mother.




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Today I would like to tell you about the video that we shot with my friends last year, about cancer. It was a very tough shooting and first of all I would like to heartily thank my friends: Daniil Tunguskov, who was the operator of this video; and Gulnara Iskakova, she played the main role.

I wrote a script for this video and it is based on a true story. When my mother was sick different things happened in our family, which got deeply imprinted in my memory. And each episode of the video is connected with some story.

One of the first episodes is connected with the story when I saw how my mom removes her hair from her head. It was after chemotherapy, when hair began to fall out. She was standing in front of the mirror and was literally taking it off. And I even remembered that sound like a bursting web.

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This was happening every time after every chemotherapy and I can’t even imagine how hard it was. Just looking at it from the side, I was terrified! And I can’t even imagine, what my mother experienced every time, she had to do it.

The episode that was not included in the video. That day my mother and I were sitting at the table, we wanted to drink tea, but I realized that at that moment my mom would not be able to spread butter on bread. She took a knife, but her hands would not obey apparently it was because of a big amount of pain medication that she was on. She asked doctors to see a neuropathologist to get some prescription, because her hands did not bend, her fingers did not obey. And of course it was very hard.

If only you knew what kind of golden hands my mother had, what delicate embroidery she could do. All her life she sewed things that did not differ from the manufactured ones. She sewed toys, she could even make furniture on her own well… she literally built her house with her own hands. And that day she couldn’t even put butter on bread.

Another episode occurred on the day when our relatives came to our bathhouse. At that time it was hard for my mother to walk, she moved around the house on walkers, she could not go up to the second floor. And she couldn’t go to the sauna. We carried her there in our arms, then brought her into the house, put her on a high chair in the hallway. The relatives were standing around and did not know what to do, there was some understanding of this end in the air.

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Well, here I want to say that my mother always moved so much for a while she worked as a postman, she had to go around the whole district on foot. And because of her illness she turned out to become helpless. And it was so hard for me to see that that I got dressed and just left the house. Was simply wandering around because I could not stay there and I left because I felt helpless and useless in this situation. It was very hard.

A short episode that I inserted in the video explains the fact that in our family feasts continued after the onset of the disease. The tradition is such that all relatives gather at one table. Eat and drink alcohol, and I think it was wrong because CANCER is an occasion to think about lifestyle.

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It is an opportunity to think about what has to be changed. And when mom fell ill on the contrary, she tried not to change anything: some family problems were not resolved, some family feasts continued.

I am convinced that you need to revise your life, change everything that is wrong, reinforce everything that is right. Not to run, not to hide or close your eyes and ignore. After my mom would undergo chemotherapy, there would be remission, tests showed that she was healthy, we would forget about the disease and everything went on as before. But CANCER happens for a reason and if it occurred official medicine will not solve the problem, it will not lead a person to health if he doesn’t try to change something himself.

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With this video, I would like to draw people’s attention to cancer prevention. According to the World Health Organization, 30-50% of cancer cases can be prevented if you lead an active lifestyle, eat healthy and give up bad habits. I have collected quite a lot of information about this topic, and all sources confirm that the key part in treatment and cancer prevention is a LIFESTYLE.

Whether you are diagnosed or not, you can make your life cleaner, happier and more joyful. If you are suddenly faced with this diagnosis be courageous and decisive in changing your lifestyle for the better. I understand that my blog will not bring my relatives back to life, but i'm sure that it will help so many people avoid or solve these problems. 

Thanks for watching this video to the end. I wish you good health and many happy life years to come!

See you!


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