Shishonin Alexander Uriyevich

PhD in Medicine

Senior Research Assistant at Dmitry Rogachev National Research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology

Active member of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM)

My father is a surgeon, and I did my internship at the general surgery department of the Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute ("MONIKI") only to realize half a year later that it wasn’t my cup of tea. Thus, I started another internship with A.G. Rumyantsev at the pediatric hematology department where I worked on my Pediatrics thesis. To make a living, I had to work at Bubnovskiy’s department.

When I joined Sergey Mikhailovich Bubnovskiy, they had 95% of patients diagnosed with lumbar hernia and 5% - with cervical hernia. To treat lumbar issues they had special lumbar exercise machines, whereas cervical treatment implies manual therapy as well. Thus, I came up with a technic for cervical hernia treatment. The technic got popular among the patients, and gradually the lumbar/cervical hernia patient ratio at the clinic became 1:1.

Eventually, I set up my own clinic that has 2 units – pediatric and adult. Our clinic designed and now offers unique exercise machines suitable for 3-year old children and older. At the adult unit, we offer treatment to people of any age.

We treat spine indirectly by training muscles. As muscles make up the framework of the spine, we can achieve great long-term results. We ensure safety of all procedures by not working with fragile structures. We always work on the entire spine and not only the cervical area. Spine is a single integrated piece. Whatever problem a patient might have, we treat the entire spine. That is the only way to ensure a long-lasting result. In addition, I teach my patients to do a simple set of neck exercises at home.

Our clinic also has an ultrasound diagnostics unit. We monitor carotid and spinal arteries, and then after every 3-5 trainings we do a control ultrasound check.



Spinal arteries run through the channels that are located on both sides of cervical vertebrae bodies. As a person ages or because of the osteochondrosis, these vertebrae might slip compressing the arteries and thus disrupting the regular blood flow. Such cases lead to the brain not getting sufficient amount of oxygen and other nutrients, as a result the blood pressure increases. This in turn causes the malfunction of such regulatory centers in the body as hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which are in charge of our immune system, acid-base balance and metabolism. All of the above disrupts the hormonal regulation of the metabolism, cellular metabolism as well as bone marrow function.

A standard polyclinic ultrasound check-up monitors only the carotid artery because it can be easily seen. Spinal arteries are usually neglected. Why? There is a commonplace belief that if those arteries are twisted, nothing can be done about it. People who are not familiar with my methods accept that belief: “These are age-related changes… Dismissed… Take pills…” We have developed a microanatomical ultrasound scan – it is a meticulous assessment of the blood flow along the spinal arteries and veins. It is a deep analysis that allows us to see in detail which parts of the arteries are compressed and assess the blood flow in each out of 6 vertebrae. In this way we can understand the causes of a patient’s condition and how the ailment has developed, malfunction of the metabolism and brainstem nutrition. This ultrasound scan is vital for us because we can treat those malfunctions. To ensure regular blood flow in spinal arteries, we rearrange vertebrae position and strengthen internal ligaments.


About the Atlas

The Atlas is the first cervical vertebra. It is firmly connected with the skull by quite large strong cords. If these ligaments are damaged, the skull gets slightly misplaced in relation to the Atlas – it is known as Atlantoaxial instability, which happens fairly seldom. However, if such abnormality is detected, a patient requires a long treatment as these ligaments heal the slowest. The damage can be done in the process of childbirth. We have seen a sharp increase in caesarean section recently. Indications for caesarean section are many, and that is why the C-section accounts for 25% of all deliveries today. They make a small cut on a woman’s stomach. Then how do they extract a baby if it is folded as a gymnast there? They take it by the stomach and start pulling – that is exactly when the damage occurs: they bend baby’s head and it damages the connection between the Atlas and the second cervical vertebra. It is called a latent birth injury. Now the blood supply to the brain is not sufficient. If we do not address this issue in time, neurologic or development delay problems may be many. For example, a child can experience delay in speech – they start reading later than usual or do not read in school. They might misbehave badly at school or have bad grades. They may have an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Parents might seek medical assistance when their 3-5 year-old child does not speak. They start tablet treatment and ask for help developmental pediatricians and speech, rehabilitation and massage therapists. It does not matter how many specialists will be working on a child – unless they fix the neck issue, all attempts will be in vain. I believe that every child delivered with some complications must have a neck arteries ultrasound scan not later than 6 months after the delivery. The sooner they do it, the less work I will have to do and the better results they will get.


What causes cancer?

As of today, traditional medicine cannot name cancer causes. There are some genetic forms but still no one really understands why they become active in a person’s body. Modern medicine cannot offer any solid theories. Physics has laws, for example, the first law of thermodynamics. At the same time, medicine does not have laws that regulate our organism. Thus, we deal with a phenomenon. The worst is that as good and determined as medicine is, it will not accept this phenomenon for a phenomenon – medicine shuts itself away from the world of physics and other sciences. Everybody believes physics to be physics and biology to be biology whereas in reality biology is a branch of physics that studies living objects.  

The universal principle of biology states, “Only all living systems never dwell in equilibrium, and thus by means of their free energy they constantly work against equilibrium, which is required by physics and chemistry laws in any given external conditions”. In his brilliant work “Theoretical biology”, a Soviet scientist Ervin Simonovich Bauer was the first to establish this principle. In essence, this principle can be regarded as the First Law of Thermodynamics for Living Organisms.

Science is divided now: physicists study physics while biologists – biology. In systematic biology some study metaproteomics, others – metabolomics and some – genomics. What can one make out of all this mess? It makes perfect sense that oncology cannot formulate what causes cancer.

However, if we accept that all living objects function in accordance with the laws of physics, then we can look for physical theories. Let us suggest that our body after all is a thermodynamical system. Thus, we can apply the thermodynamics formula here.

The first law of thermodynamics states that all the energy entering a system is spent on 2 things: 1) to maintain the system structure itself and 2) to carry out the work of the system. It means that energy passes through the system rather than accumulates in it. It mustn’t accumulate. Otherwise, the system will overheat and explode. All living objects abide by this principle. There are certain E delta constants (energy quantity range) that cannot be exceeded. For example, our body temperature cannot surpass a certain number. If, for some reason, we overheat to 500C, we will boil and die coagulating all the proteins. That is why an organism cannot accumulate energy within itself.

Non-living systems can store up energy. An iron ball, for instance, can be heated up to the point when it starts melting. Meanwhile, it will be releasing energy by staying hot on the outside.

A living system cannot accumulate energy that is constantly supplied through the atmosphere, food, light and heat. With each breath, energy enters our body. When we eat, we supply energy to our bodies. We cannot increase our body temperature as the iron ball does. So the energy is not released but stored. Where can it go? It thus get packed into some compact structures. What happens next? Benign tumours are atheromas that are actually tumours (these are cellular structures rather than cholesterol deposits as many might think); common gallbladder stones, polypi, myomas and as a culmination - oncological processes.

As we see, oncology turns out to be an adaptive process. An organism not willing to die instantly because of overheating saves itself by forming tumours to die later. If it were not for this adaptive process, we would all overheat because we do not move enough. That is why, the first thing to do is to eliminate hypodynamia.

Research shows that physical activity is useful. In general, everybody knows that we should move more. According to the physics formula, we also know that there must be some external work. What kind of work? Above all, physical. However, when I argue with oncologists and other colleagues about the benefits of walking as cancer preventive care, they say, “What’s walking got to do with cancer?” But this is the law of physics, you can’t argue with that.

I recommend walking at least 5 kms a day. If one had cancer, then they should walk 20 kms a day to prevent recurrence of the illness.

I believe every independent country should adopt 3 basic initiatives: 1) fighting hypodynamia, 2) fighting local hypodynamia, i.e. neck exercises, and 3) a healthy diet, i.e. high in fats and low in carbohydrates. That’s it. It should be a part of culture: just like everybody brushes their teeth, they must walk every day. Then there will be no need to treat cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, etc. Today these illnesses are on the rise. It is all because of hypodynamia and twisted neck; nobody realizes they have osteochondrosis and their spinal arteries are blocked; and one’s diet is a mess. When you enter a supermarket, all you see is carbohydrates beaming at you. Children drink coca-cola and eat sugar. How can one possibly be healthy in these circumstances? They establish large institutes to treat consequences whereas we need to eliminate causes.


Critical adaption theory

When a stem cell divides, each new cell has the potential either to remain a stem cell or become another type of cell with a more specialized function. When unspecialized stem cells give rise to specialized cells, the process is called differentiation. While differentiating, the cell usually goes through 10 to 50 stages, becoming more specialized at each step, such as a muscle cell, a red blood cell, or a brain cell, etc. How serious a cancer is depends on what stage of differentiation process went wrong.

stem cells cancer theory

If it happens at the stem cell stage, then cancer develops aggressively. Such cancer is hard to operate on – metastases are many because cells proliferate and spread along blood vessels all over the body.

If something goes wrong at the stage when a cell is more or less differentiated, then cancer is less aggressive – tumour can be removed and that’s it.

If something goes wrong at the differentiated cell stage, benign tumour appears. It is that easy.

Scientists believe that the stem cell has gone mad. I don’t think so. The stem cell had to do it: it had to go into anaerobic mode, i.e. consume glucose, behave as an autonomous being and proliferate.  

Why does it happen then? Imagine there lives a stem cell in a tissue. This cell has to produce certain cells which in their turn divide and become differentiated. A thin capillary vessel feeds this cell. When neck capillaries become constricted, problems occur. First, vessels become home to macrophagocytes that have consumed many lipoproteins, got swollen and simply sit there waiting for a signal where to go next, but no signal comes. Second, brain does not receive enough oxygen, and body metabolism switches to glucose. It causes type II diabetes, pancreas gland increases sugar level in the body and insulin production falls whereas glucagon grows. What does low-oxygen and high carbohydrate environment imply? It is ideal for oncology! It is very important to understand the following: when a stem cell experiences lack of oxygen and brain sends signals to increase tissue glucose level, in order to survive the cell has to go into an autonomous mode. That is what we call tumour growth factor.


About mitochondria

When a cell goes into the tumoral growth mode, it can be regarded as a protozoon: it feeds on glucose and mitochondria become unnecessary. Mitochondria are required when glucose is processed 19 times more effectively thanks to oxygen. If there is no oxygen (or a cell thinks there is no), the cell uses glycolysis, i.e. processes glucose without oxygen and breaks down mitochondria. When metabolism switches to glycolysis, a person starts craving sweets – I proved it to be a clinical fact. When a person’s neck is constricted and they cannot give up sweet products, I call such state “Sweet tooth syndrome”. There is no point in treating mitochondria – if a cell requires them, it produces them, if not – destroys. We have to restore healthy metabolism, ensure enough oxygen supply and good central regulation.

Healthy metabolism mechanism: Hypothalamus produces central bio regulators such as somatoliberin (somatotropin releasing hormone). It triggers pituitary gland to produce somatotropin hormones and liver - somatomedin (insulin-like growth factor 1). Somatomedin sends signals to cells to exchange oxygen and proliferate, i.e. to renew tissues in a regular way. That is why it is important to ensure a stable blood flow to the hypothalamus and pituitary gland.

The best way to restore health is to take up walking. Running, squats or any other sport activities are not as good as walking. A person can walk the longest – they can walk for the duration of the entire day. If someone has joint issues, it becomes a bit more difficult because in such cases walking has to be substituted with other types of exercise. Unless a person has joint problems, they are to walk, walk and walk. First, they will sweat it all off and exercise their cardiovascular system. Second, they have to fix their neck to make sure that their central system is not fighting against their bodies. Third, they are to follow a healthy diet.


Thermodynamic diet

Thermodynamic diet makes a human organism work. If you eat vegetables, then they are to be steamed, undercooked. If you opt for meat, then its cooking has to be rare or medium-rare. In this way a body will do some additional work at the digestion level and thus utilize its extra energy.

This kind of diet does not require the intake of many carbohydrates. Meat, dairy products, nuts and other foods to some extent contain carbs. We do not need to worry about carbs consumption. Carbohydrates are easily digested, and our digestive system does not work enough. If a body lacks carbs, it can make it from fats by means of glyconeogenesis. That is why above all, you should eat a lot of fats: cured pork fat called salo, milk fat (cottage cheese, sour cream, milk, cheese, cream), plant fats (olive, coconut and cacao oils, nuts, avocado). In addition, you should consume proteins – any kind of meat, chicken or fish.


Everyone can be healthy

Anyone who faces any health issues must know that their body has limitless capacity. No matter how dreadful your situation might seem, you are to keep in mind that simple healthy rules do work – walking, taking care of your neck and the right diet will always help you. These are not my mere recommendations – this is body physics and the first law of thermodynamics in action. Physics never lies, it always abides by its laws. One should never give up. There is always a way out.

If you are retired and you have some free time, you can NOT only remain healthy but also gain more health and become younger by following my advice. All you need is time – you have to invest a few hours a day into this process. This is doable. You can live as long as you want given that you maintain optimal state. You won’t feel as an old man – quite the opposite, you can live a healthy life. If you follow simple laws of nature based on our body physics, you can achieve anything. There is no limit. Nature is wise. Our body is the most accomplished tool to heal itself. A body contains 50 trillion cells, and each cell has several trillion of atoms that all abide by clear laws in unison. Everything that we know in medicine today is nothing comparing to how perfect our body is. Yet we use less than one hundredth part of our body capabilities. Let us change our culture – let us make a breakthrough towards lengthening our happy healthy lives!

summer 2019


Download the methodology of Dr. Shishonin

Dr. Alexander Shishonin, a founder of own rehabilitation clinic, created a series of gentle exercises that help alleviate tension and pain in the neck and shoulders. Please be gentle to your neck, and find the range of motion that works for you for today. Daily practice will help to improve neck mobility, blood flow to your brain, alleviate hypertension and help with high blood pressure.

This series were developed as a cure from hypertension without medication and any invasive procedures.

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