Panchakarma in India

I’ve got many questions about Panchakarma, I went through in Puttarapi in December, that’s why I decided to share my experience with you without any delay. The Post is going to be long, so you can like it without reading.

The first question is: What is Panchakarma?

Panchakarma (in Ayurvedic medicine) means human’s organism grooming.


In Sanskrit Pancha means five and karma means action. So, Panchakarma means five actions or five steps of the organism grooming. Thanks to these five grooming procedures our body can be released from all the toxin that we collect during the whole our life and we can heal some diseases that became a part of our ordinary life.

The aim of Panchakarma is not to heal the symptoms, but to eliminate the causes of the disease.

Panchakarma heal many diseases: gastrointestinal tract diseases, problems with skin, etc. You can google all the spectrum of chronical diseases.

And what is so beautiful lady looking for in Panchakarma?

It is recommended to do the cleanup of your body once or twice a year, because even following healthy lifestyle you can come through your own uprisings and crises.

For example, you visited Morocco and overate bread, that is given to every meal there. They lay in every stall… They smell so sweet… Moreover, I travelled through Ukraine and couldn’t help eating some cheesecakes, dumplings or pancakes… And of cause India… Yesterday I heard phrase “If you haven’t tasted Indian meals, you live in vain”

But let’s move to the subject.

MG 7849

We can tell nothing about omnivorous eating. Especially when we mix protein and carbohydrate eating fried meals while drinking water and eating some sweet right after your meal. Rise your hands who likes doing so!

Some people say, that such way of eating prevents normal digestion encourages formation of fecal stones on intestinal walls, which we can keep during many years without any understanding about reasons of a big stomach in front of us, problems with defecation and skin.

And for example, everybody likes fried chicken which goes through our intestine for about 50 hours. And some fresh fruit needs about 3 hours to be defecated. So, if you eat banana right after fried chicken it will be going through your intestine until eaten chicken goes out. It will lead to rot and poisoning of your organism.

Also you must remember, that even if you are a vegetarian, you should understand, that there are two types of vegetarianism: comprehended and stupid one. When you rejected all the meat but don’t understand how to replace it, you star to eat everything “permissible” especially something sweet. We don’t think about fruits and vegetables and can’t even imagine eating legumes!

So, it is extremely important to take care and from time to time to make a cleanup of all our organism, had been given us by Got, to have energy for living our live effectively not to be lazybones.

But also you must remember some simple thing: 

⚡️ Pure is not where clean, 

⚡️ but where do not litter.


So, Panchakarma includes five activities and cleaning procedures.

What are the five procedures?

  1. Emesis
  2. Cleaning of intestine
  3. Enema
  4. Cleaning of the nasal cavity
  5. Bloodletting

“No, no, no, it is not for me, I’m ok, thank you very much, I’m going home!”

But it is not so awful as you could imagine at first glance.

When you come to Indian State Kerala, the Panchakarma’s Motherland, you can be sold all the procedures (or even more) for a period about 3 weeks for $1000-2000. But Ayurveda, traditional Indian medical practice existing for more than thousand years, doesn’t imply any three weeks’ standards because everybody comes with their own problems. Somebody comes with some serious diseases and somebody wants just cleaning their organism. It’s enough for somebody one week and somebody will have to drink oil and doing enema for several years, with some breaks, of cause.

I came through my Panchakarma not in Kerala.

I chose Dr. Rao’s Clinic in Puttaparti in the Karnataka State.

It was on my way to the South, I have seen many good comments, have visited and fallen in love with Puttaparti. And it was one of the cheapest Ayurveda Clinic I’ve ever seen. I spent about 14000 Rupi ($220). By the way, is it so important where you will be drinking the oil and having enema done?

What was my Panchakarma about?

The first was preparing for about 4 days. You eat as usual but implement in your meal special mix of species, Ghi oil and takes herbal pills. Every day you are massaged with oil and visit Sauna. And after than you are sitting on the bench under the shower and a nursery washes your back with special herbal fluid.

Then goes the most awful stage. You must drink Ghi oil every day instead of breakfast and eat lean porridge made from wheat, oat or sometime Kirchi (rice plus lentil) for lunch and supper. When you starve you are allowed to drink coconut. The rest of the time is for hot water. It’s prohibited to make Joga, walk in sunshine and walk for long distance.

You start with small dose of oil (about 30-50 gram) and finishes with 180-200 gram. There is always empty bowl nearby in case of emesis. So, everybody gathers around one table to drink Ghi oil at 8 o’clock every day.

It continues from 4 till 7 days long. Every day the oil dose increases. You have no energy at all during that time, you don’t want to walk anywhere, you only want to lay. But it’s prohibited to sleep in daytime as it weakens the oil effect.

Also you have to visit Doctor every day.

When doctor sees that you reached your limits you are given rest for 2 days. During these two days you are made massages and visit sauna.

What is so much oil for?

It travels through your body, visits your cells, cleans them and takes all the poison out that prevents their normal functioning. Your organism is becoming full of oil and it gets to the intestine.

After 2 days of the rest Doctor gives you a half a cup of the magic herbal mix and right after half an hour of taking this mix you are sitting in the toilet and saying goodbye to all the oil you had in. That may continue during the whole day, or half a day, if you’re lucky fellow. That’s why I decide you to stay in Clinic during the Panchakarma to have your own room with hot shower and to be taken care by Doctor. That costs about 250-300 Rupi for one-bad room.

After cleaning day doctor says if you need to continue or you should stop. Often it is enough to go through first stage because not everybody has to stay for more time to stay to make enema. Because it’s not ordinary enema with 2 liters of water.

During enema stage you are made two oil micro-enema and one herbal (or milk) maxi-enema. It is needed to clean up and to recover your intestine.

There is a very strong herbal mix in the enema and during this stage I came across a huge problem. During this procedure my organism reacted with a strong pain and I couldn’t humble myself with it despite all my attempts. So, I was injected and everything became well.

After cleaning day you must eat porridge during two or three days and then you can start eating fruits like banana, apple and watermelon but not papaya. 

After 7 days you are allowed to start eating everything but of cause with accuracy and not much.

These two stages including two preparing days have taken exactly 3 weeks. Doctor said that it was enough for me.

The Clinic itself as well as Sai Baba Ashram remind us Soviet or Bulgarian resort. Everything is simple but clean. There are rows everywhere. There is sweet cuisine and you must have coupons for everything. There are many Russian women despite the fact than they are not speaking English. They are staying there for two or three months and have a wonderful time. While sitting in the row to Doctor I never heard about any news from TV about some disasters accidents or plane crashes. They could always find some better subjects for talking. They go Yoga every morning, you know, there is free Yoga on the roof. But it is prohibited to go Yoga during the oil week.

Sundays doctor gives us a lecture about Ayurveda. I liked it very much. Everything is detailed and there is no unnecessary information. He answers all the questions, shares his experience, and can advise the best Chavanprash in India. He tells about Doshi and explains what is Panchakarma for. He tells a lot about importance of going to the toilet in the morning. You know, the most popular word in this Clinic is “Toilet”. You will see it in the Clinic.

And I think that’s all for now. I hope, that my experience in Panchakarma can be useful for somebody.

P.S. sooner or later many of us start to visit doctors, clean our organisms, do Panchakarma, etc. to give a rest and fix our bad working organism because of our wrong eating. My dear friend, you just must remember, that every time when you eat you either help your disease or you heal your body.

P.P.S. It’s very easy to find the Clinic in Puttaparti. It’s known worldwide. 14000 Rupi was my personal price including the procedures I needed. You can get another price according to the procedure set and duration. The living is included in the price already. I have counted everything I spent during the course.


Thanks to Natalia Sukhanova for information! (follow her Instagram @natali_natanjali)

Thanks to Alexey Chekmazov for translation!


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