Nikita Metelitsa is a popular biohacker and author of the project “The biohacker DNA”. He is a person who has built his own life and helps others to make their lives peaceful and mindful. For Nikita, biohacking is not simply a body chemicals’ control but also control of habits, thoughts, i.e. overall balance. I got interested in such a comprehensive approach and I asked Nikita to tell more about his ideas, diet and thoughts about cancer. It turned out to be interesting. At the end of the interview, there is a list of 40 biohacking constituents that help deal with oncology.


- Can you tell me about yourself? What do you do?

I got a degree in financial management, and I have always wanted to do business. As a youngster, I already knew that I would not like to be employed by some guy, I would run my own business. At 18 I started my first company with a partner. At that time I was not into healthy lifestyle – we had an online hookah store. We created and were updating the website, taking photos of hookahs and delivering them to customers - all by ourselves. Later I was offered an interesting job – to organize photo sessions in kindergartens all over Russia. So by the age of 19-20 I had already lived in many regions. At the same time I was doing my university degree.

It was at that time that something shifted in my consciousness: I got very much into psychology, self-development, NLP, bioenergetics, transurfing, quantum mechanics, etc. And when I discovered raw-eating, some fundamental changes happened in my way of thinking and consciousness. Systematically, from the age of 18, I have been trying out different techniques, which are many and cannot be simply called healthy lifestyle habits. Biohacking is a much wider notion – it includes it all. For me it means balance, triunity; without soul, it is not biohacking. 

At some point, as the number of people grew, it became clear that I could not continue individual coaching. I would like to share it with the entire world so that more and more people will get to know about it. So, my partner and I launched an online learning platform – “The biohacker DNA

I am responsible for all content there. I have been collecting it for years, and I am good at communicating ideas to people, so I bring it into the world: I use simple words to explain complex ideas, and I can even communicate spiritual notions.

My partner is in charge of all technicalities. What does it mean to shoot 50 lessons? It is a whole story. Moreover, we promote our YouTube channel and Instagram page. It is constant content; these are experts who support us and so on. At the beginning, for one month we worked from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day to launch our project in a good way.


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- You have got a system of 9 elements. I noticed that the 1st element is “Cleansing diet” and the 7th – “Cleansing of wastes from body and mind”. What is the difference between these two elements? What exactly does each imply?

The first element “Cleansing diet” is about nutrition in general. It includes everything that a man eats to maintain the body. Eating has 3 functions. First, it nourishes the body with micro- and macroelements and nutrients. Second, it provides kilojoules / energy, consuming for digestion not more than there will be produced altogether. Third, it gives the body structured water, contained in plant-based food. In addition to these 3 functions, there is one more extra – the fourth function. If a person who has been consuming common city food all his/her life switches to a diet that consists of 80 % raw plant-based food, their body starts cleansing. No fasting is required then.

The separate element is “Cleansing of wastes from body and mind”: it includes practices of detox and fasting, which are also necessary sometimes. As for consciousness cleansing, I suggest informational and sensory deprivation. It is a good idea to limit information in-flow from time to time, to leave the city and switch off communication tools. I am driven by learning and constantly absorb new information, and yet once a month I go out of the city for 2-3 days and try to minimize my communication in chats or turn them off altogether. A great way is to go to yoga camp where you live in a tent, eat raw food, practice meditation and pranayama every morning.

- What is a raw food diet for you?

It is a temporary diet, especially in cities. Often, when a person becomes a raw-eater, they insist that it is the only right diet FOR EVERYONE. I used to think the same way too. Fortunately, when I was on a raw-food diet, I had more than enough superfoods. I made sure that I would have as many nutrients as possible in my food. Mono raw diet is quite a specific thing suitable for very few people. I used to strive for becoming a mono raw eater and admired Lapshinov and others.

- Is it better being a vegan?

It is also a temporary diet. Fats, which cannot be found in any form in any plants, are a must for the body.

- If fats are so essential, should we follow a keto diet?

These are two sides of the same coin, which are almost opposite to each other: vegan and keto diets. When a person, having damaged their health on a vegan or raw-food diet, gets better on a keto diet, they naturally start thinking that raw food eating is evil and keto diet is a panacea. LCHF (low carb high fat) diet is becoming more and more popular and fashionable nowadays. I am studying it. It is interesting to see how it works. I am currently reading “Head Strong” by Dave Asprey who follows this diet. However, I recently had a talk with an academician who confirmed my idea that it was only a temporary thing. To be on a diet implies that it is only for a while. It will do good for 5 or 10 years - as long as the body has some resources. But the main disadvantage of the keto diet is that the blood becomes too acidic. It is important to combine and not get stuck with one dogma. As time passes, we will see a new diet come up. How many have there been already? The Atkins diet, paleo diet, Dukan diet, you name it. How many more will there be? I am not saying they are bad, they work in some particular cases. Yet the main task for each individual is to build their own eating plan, to find something that fits them – so that they have a lot of energy without accumulating unnecessary fat and a comprehensive macro- and microelements supply. I strongly believe it is much more important to get rid of the rubbish food that no one should eat.

-Such rubbish as…?

Meat. I have not been eating meat for about 9 years. Chicken is strictly forbidden.

-What about fish?

I eat little fish very seldom. I do not cook it myself but occasionally order it in cafes. I used to be a raw eater for 4 years, and then I craved seafood, so I added it to my diet. And later my body let me know that it did not want any more fish. I restarted eating it quite recently – at the end of 2018, when I was in Thailand, I had some crawfish and I loved it. I felt that my body accepted this kind of food. So I have brought a little fish and seafood back into my diet.

I choose to go vegetarian (80-90% of plant-based food, mainly raw) + seafood and such animal-based products as quail eggs and organic butter without any trans fats.

-Why can we not buy butter produced according to the government standard?

Because by law it is allowed to put 2% of additives but not mention it on the label. When they add sunflower seeds oil, they will not admit it for sure.  



“Surprise inspection” has checked butter twice. They checked such russian brands as “Kirzhach milk factory”, “Milava”, “Ecomilk”, “A thousand lakes”, “Brest-Litovsk”, “Korovka from Korenovka”, “Ostankinskoye” and “Svitlogoriye”. In “Ecomilk” butter they found milk fat substitutes even though the label claims that it is made according to the government standard.


- What do you cook? And how do you do it?

If I make a porridge, then I do not boil it but simply pour hot water over it. I have come to allow myself to have sprouted and flattened cereals. Nowadays that is what they do – sprout, flatten and dry them. I use such cereals for my porridge. I often make smoothies. I add a lot of superfoods. If you are interested, I publish my recipes on Instagram.

Having tried raw food and other complex diets, many people intuitively realize that the best is to consume 80 % of raw plant-based food and 20% of cooked food, of which a small proportion is animal protein and fat. But look - the thing is: if you think this food is poisonous for you, then it will be. And if you are aware of your meal plan and eating habits, occasionally fast, do sport, add superfoods, do cell cleansing, go to a Russian sauna and develop resistance to cold, then your body will get what it needs and dispose of the extra. By nature we are equipped with strong immune system, bacterial flora balance and acid–base homeostasis. Our organism will dispose of all extra stuff. And what the body needs can even be gathered from that which is potentially harmful. It is better to NOT see something as poisonous yet to be aware enough to stay away from some foods. However, if need be, for example, there is a shortage of food or you moved to a new country, it is fun to try out new local dishes. We are here on Earth to enjoy life, aren’t we? This also implies enjoying different tastes.


About cancer

While studying different aspects of health, I also got into the issue of cancer. I identified around 40 practices that help one deal with this disease. However, these 40 techniques work only at the physical body level, i.e. everything connected with cleansing, diet, air and water. For example, B17, hemp butter spread, sweetbrier berries, turmeric, etc.

No one will ever get over cancer unless they really want to live. Unless they understand that something in their life must have caused them to develop cancer. This something is quite often not a diet or lifestyle but most often these are unwholesome activities, thoughts and attitude towards Self and the world around.

There are cool specialists in their respective fields. A psychologist says that the underlying reason is our subconsciousness – it all comes from our childhood. You have to work on that – that is our everything. An endocrinologist says that we are bags filled with bones and hormones – all our vital activity and energy depend on our hormonal balance – fix it, and it will all fall into place, you will be a winner. I cannot argue with that but these are all parts of one puzzle.


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If a person has such a problem as cancer, they should have a look at the wheel of life balance along with biohacking principles and try to figure out what has happened, and start “fixing” all of the areas simultaneously. Beforehand, a person should really have a strong desire to heal, and then they should repent to nature and god by saying

I want to heal, I want to live and this is the most important for me – I want to live and fulfill my mission. I am ready to do anything to achieve that. I will listen to any information that reaches me and try to understand and apply it if it makes sense to me – if my heart follows it.

It is important to be as open as possible – to start working on your body and mind. First, one has to forgive themselves, their mother and father – to work through any family issues. That is where problems are quite often rooted – deep grievances. It is all interconnected in oncology. Next, one should start body cleansing. Body and mind are parts of one system. At the same time, one should work on consciousness cleansing. There are many different ways to do it: keeping a diary, meditating, following certain practices. Simultaneously, it is good to cleanse the body by following a cleansing diet, cleanse one’s colon, rebalance the system, add more water and maybe fast for a while. A person can do it on their own yet better under professional guidance.

-What do you recommend to remove from one’s diet to remain healthy?

To start, one has to remove toxic people. We heavily depend on our surroundings: for example, if you are in a company of toxic people who get wasted every Friday – it is the only happiness in their life or those who lead unwholesome and unmindful lives and are satisfied with what they have already got. I happened to be in a bad company twice in my life: when I was 12 in Saratov and when I lived in Podolsk at the age 15. At some point, there was some shift in my mind and it became clear that those are not my kind of people. When they came to my doorstep to ask for me, I said to my Mom to tell them I was ill. A few weeks would pass, and I would stop hanging out with them. It was at some young level. When I grew older, I became really determined and those who were not ready to develop would fall off on their own. For some time I would pull them along. However, if your friend does not want to develop, he or she becomes an albatross around your neck. In the end, life drifts you apart anyway. 

Second, one has to eliminate alcohol. If possible, altogether. If it is difficult, then at first one can cut down on it: eliminate hard liquor completely and reduce the consumption of other alcohol drinks to minimum. If it is a good wine, then it is fine to have a glass. Then no more alcohol. Sometimes we can hear doctors say that our bodies need ethanol. Every cook is going to defend his own broth. Even the coolest of academicians who have cured many people will encourage drinking if he consumes some alcohol himself.

Third, one is to eliminate cigarettes. As for cigarettes, then it is all clear – it is full of chemicals. If a person cannot quit smoking at once, then it is advisable to switch to roll-your-own cigarettes at first – start buying rolling paper and loose tobacco. One cannot get enough of regular cigarettes – there are a lot of chemicals there and little nicotine. Switching to real tobacco, one will be satisfied with half a cigarette. Afterwards it will be easier to give it up altogether.

Last but not least, one is to cut down on bad food, i.e. fast food, eggs, chicken, meat, processed dairy.

40 practices against cancer

To finish off our interview, Nikita shared his list of effective techniques which, if applied in life, help cure oncology or greatly improve the defense system of the body.

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Thanks to Lena for translating this article.


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