In 2017, in India, I met a good girl - Natasha. She is an active member of the Sunsurfers community and an expert in India. For several days, Natasha, Marat Khasanov and I lived in Dharamsala. Then our paths parted, and after about six months, Natasha was in the south of India - in Putaparti, where she took a course of panchakarma. She wrote an interesting post about this experience, which I publish on my blog with her permission.

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In search of answers to the question of what cancer is, I came across a special issue of "Story" magazine, in which Alexander Nikonov (author of the book "The Formula of Immortality. On the Way to the Inevitable") interviews Dr. Shishonin. I remembered that evening: nowhere else have I come across such a harmonious, logical, understandable theory, supported by such an impressive practice! I began to read and could not tear myself away. By an amazing coincidence, two days later I met Alexander Yuryevich at a book exhibition and arranged an interview with him. I hope you will be interested and useful, enjoy reading!

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Nikita Metelitsa is a popular biohacker and author of the project “The biohacker DNA”. He is a person who has built his own life and helps others to make their lives peaceful and mindful. For Nikita, biohacking is not simply a body chemicals’ control but also control of habits, thoughts, i.e. overall balance. I got interested in such a comprehensive approach and I asked Nikita to tell more about his ideas, diet and thoughts about cancer. It turned out to be interesting. At the end of the interview, there is a list of 40 biohacking constituents that help deal with oncology.

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